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Hindi Language Products > Hyirday Rogiyo Ke Liye 201 Ahar Tips

Hyirday Rogiyo Ke Liye 201 Ahar Tips
Hyirday Rogiyo Ke Liye 201 Ahar Tips
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There are over sixty million heart patients in India today and the number is growing fast at an alarming rate. Out of the fifteen major reasons responsible for developing heart diseases, at least ten are related to diet. The two major components of artery blockage are cholesterol and triglycerides, both of which are supplied to the body by our diet. This book is a boon for all such patients as it answers all the queries concerning ideal diet, which they can keep under their control, explained in a simple and lucid style. Queries regarding the diet- such as calculation of calories, composition of diet, details about fat content of various food items as well as what is good and bad for the heart- are answered in a reader- friendly term and simple language.